February 26, 2010

French Polynesia Butterflies

Sassy on Etsy! Kristine

February 25, 2010

World Atlas Paper Butterflies

On Etsy right now!

Mini Butterfly Wreath

This is a super tiny (8"x8"x1") butterfly wreath that I put together today!

February 23, 2010

Orange and Fuschia Theme

Found this image at Favor Ideas. It inspired a new butterfly collection, push pins, butterfly sprays and butterfly clips! ~Kristine

Spring into fun

Today is warm and mid 60's and there was a yellow butterfly in the garden! Here are a few examples of some new items! Have a good week. ~Kristine

February 20, 2010

Bold Butterflies

Well the weather has become very Spring like and warm over the weekend! Mid 60's and sun for the next few days! Ah the bliss of it. Can't wait to see the butterflies in the garden again!!

February 18, 2010

Spring Into Fun!

Just a little Nordstrom color inspiration posted here! Reminds me of home :-)

February 16, 2010

New Things!

Yes, we had 6" of snow in Charleston! Within 24 hours it was sunny again and we were off to the beach! Winter was over in a blink of an eye!! Just some new things posted here and a few treasury features! Have a good week. Kristine

February 12, 2010

Free E-Valetine

A quick little image that you can save an attach to outgoing email! ~Kristine

February 11, 2010

Magazine, Movie and More

Last night we watched The Hangover which was funny if taken in the right light! Seeing how things are picking up in my shop I decided to multi task with making more butterflies, reading the latest magazine and listen to the movie. My husband thought the movie was over the top and funny but really such a shame to destroy an old classic Mercedes Rag top because they can will all the budgeting they have for these movies. This type of car is art and it is painful to watch it be rammed by an huge SUV. As the saying goes the show must go on! ~Kristine

February 10, 2010

Inspiration Book

Just an update here! More butterflies as pushpins, clips and and on the loose!! The pictures above are from my inspiration sketch book. Instead of keeping towers of magazines I have a spiral bound bristol board notebook and I clip and glue on the go. Very fun and fast. Take care! ~Kristine