March 27, 2018

Spring Butterfly Push Pins

New butterfly push pins! Just in time for Spring. Available on Etsy.

February 27, 2015

Planning Ahead

27 Feb. 2015
A great calendar from Etsy today! Keeping up to date on activities in March. Here is the link to 10 Podcasts to help your handmade business stay in the loop. All great to listen to while you work!

February 26, 2015

Reset button

26 Feb. 2015

Restarting for spring and this blog is the perfect way to start! Came across a great resource for marketing and Etsy. Her name Tara and this is her site. The podcasts are spot on! There is even a book.

With the Winter storms we have had blowing through the "heart of Dixie" the last few weeks  I feel it is time for Spring! 

Beaulieu-Sur-Mer - paper butterfly decorative push pins 

Calvi - paper butterfly decorative push pins 

Found some really cool vintage inspired clear crystals to use in the center. (Just saw someone running by so it must be above 40 outside.)

Books to read this week:

1. Washi Wonderful (book)
2. The Wreath Recipe (book)
3. The Flower Recipe (book)
4. Paper to Petal (book)
5. Paper Blooms (book)

Downton Abbey has one more episode left this Season! The Oregonian has 9 burning questions...

Good tid bits from Impress this month.

Looking to reorganize my working space with shelves from Ikea.

Stay crafty!

October 2, 2013

Paper Butterfly Memo Clips

Working on unpacking a creating new colorways very soon! Kristine

February 22, 2013

Butterflies on Wire for Birthday Party

A fun idea to add some interest to a flower arrangement! The butterflies are on wire and can be adjusted to look like they are in flight! Kristine

February 15, 2013

Color Chip It!

Hi, A wonderful site by the paint company Sherwin-Williams. Upload your image and it generates a color chip of the image. Amazing!!  Kristine