October 30, 2009

Craft Show

Hi, It has been an interesting and very speedy week. So sorry that I haven't posted anything lately and I promise to get back on track!! A friend's Dad passed away and I have been helping her with her children while she is in town taking care of the details and to me that was important. On the flip side the shop is busy and I deeply appreciate all the business during this time.
A few months ago I committed to doing a craft show in the neighborhood and it was over this past weekend. Here are a few pictures and what is so classic is that I got more questions about where I bought the Eiffel Tower lamp than anything else! It is from Target (say it with a French accent) just FYI!! ~Kristine

October 16, 2009

Inspiration Friday

Hi, At the moment I am cleaning the house and getting ready for the weekend! Both children are home and working away in my studio. Here is an endless source of inspiration of all kinds. Z Galleria has decor, prints, lighting, bedding, presents, furniture and art. Love this shop! ~Kristine

October 15, 2009


Hi! Great day here in Charleston, SC there is a South Eastern US treasury and my butterflies made it in! ~Kristine

October 13, 2009

Soul Journey

Hi! Today I wanted to share some black and white pictures that I took while I was finishing up my studies in Florence, Italy. It all takes me back to that Summer in a flash! Good times!! If you are ever there go the the Boboli Gardens. ~Kristine

October 12, 2009

1492 Old School!

Today is Columbus Day! Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone living in Canada. Have a great week :-) Kristine PS - No mail today!

October 10, 2009

South Eastern US Etsy Team

Hi, I hope that you are having a good weekend. I wanted to share with you a blog that a few of my things were featured in. SEUS blog . Thank you so much!! Above is a watercolor picture I did about 10 years ago. They published it on hats, shirts, mugs, mouse pads, bags...the works! I learned a lot through that marketing company things to do and not do. So is life! ~Kristine

October 9, 2009


Oh yes it is that time of year! We are barely out of the first week in October and the Holiday wrapping is coming out in full force. In August I did see big wire ribbon already out at Costco but that is another story all together!

Here is a fun way to see what colors you like and what that means: Colorscope
Have you ever wondered why you prefer certain colors? Click on your color favorites to reveal a little fun information about your personality. Mine is violet!

If my Mom is reading this then she will already know a little something about my LOVE of paper! So today are a few of my inspirational paper places that are worth checking out online or around the corner in your town. Have a great weekend!!

October 5, 2009

Cozy Monday

Hi, I hope that you are having a great Monday. We are finally getting some rain here and it made me feel like making a big pot of tea and putting on a sweater with some shorts. It is raining and hard at times but still very mild. The trees still have green leaves but there is a slight hint that they get that Fall is here. Some inspiration from my favorite store Anthropologie! I love those chandeliers. ~Kristine

October 1, 2009

Good Things - Halloween

Hi! Thank you for all of the nice comments that you have posted!! Makes my day :-)
Here in Charleston October 1st marks the first day that everyone starts to put out Fall and Halloween things! All of these "good things" can be found at Martha's website. ~Kristine