May 30, 2009

Blog Love

Hi! Sending you all a bit of blog love!! Thank you for your lovely comments and adding me as a favorite. It is great fun to connect with everyone from all over this 3rd rock from the sun. Have a fantastic weekend!~Kristine

May 29, 2009

Hilton Head Island

Hi! We did some R&R at the Hilton and loved every moment of it! So above are also some seashell inspired ideas too. Have a great weekend! Kristine

May 27, 2009

Magnolia Plantation

Hi! If you are ever in Charleston, South Carolina a very beautiful place to visit is Magnolia Plantation. It is one of the oldest romantic gardens in the States. Gorgeous! ~Kristine

May 25, 2009

Team South Carolina Treasury!

Hi! Here is a post for a South Carolina treasury that one of the journals is featured in. Very nice! And another for Cottage Style Street Team treasury! Lucky me!! ~Kristine

May 23, 2009

Long Weekend!

Hi! I hope that you have a nice weekend with family or friends! Kristine

May 21, 2009

Pop Art Paper Butterflies

Hi~Here are some new butterflies. I love the idea of taking the fragrance insert from my favorite magazines and transforming them into something unexpected! The studio smells "fresh" with all of those tags opened!! There were a few "comments" from my better half... :-)~Kristine

May 19, 2009

Collage Bird Bottle

Hi! I had a few minutes last night to finish this cute bottle with a bird as a topper! So sweet. And I have to say that the children loved it too :-) ~Kristine

May 18, 2009

Map and Butterfly Notebooks

Hi! It is getting busy around here but I did have a chance to post some new notebooks on Etsy. I use these all the time! I simplified the side ribbon sash. Talk to you soon! ~Kristine

May 13, 2009

Blog Feature!

Hey there! Just cruising through my email and found a sweet message from a fantastic paper store in North Carolina: Paper Mojo . They did a wonderful feature on my paper butterflies! I do love paper!! ~Kristine

May 7, 2009

New Journals!

Hello~ I finished a few notebooks to sell on Etsy today. I love to use these for putting all my ideas down and putting in clippings and ideas that I find for inspiration. ~Kristine

Cottage Style Treasury

Hi! Today I found my crown tags posted in a treasury. A fast and easy way to see if you are in a Etsy treasury go to: Craftopolis So easy! Just type in you Etsy shop name and it pops up with the current treasuries you are featured in. Take care! Kristine

May 6, 2009

800 Hearts!

Hi! Today I reached 800 hearts on Etsy!! Pretty cool since I started this so that my art friends could see what up to in Charleston. Thank you!! Kristine

May 5, 2009

Childhood Treasury

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the famous paper butterflies were featured in a treasury today!! Very nice :-) ~Kristine

May 4, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Art: Travel Collage

Hi! The Martha Stewart website is a labyrinth of interesting things! While clicking through I came across the idea of making a travel collage from all the interesting little bits that you collect throughout your journey. In fact, I did this in 2001 after a trip to France, Germany and Austria. It was really fun to put together = paper bits + glue stick + poster board = one of a kind! Have a great week! ~Kristine