March 10, 2008


This seems like a good time to kick off the project of the week idea. Above is a gift for my Grandmother and it is really fun and easy. It is all about the layering of materials. You will need a square block of wood, decorative papers, flower shapes, iconic woman, crown add on, glass stones, copper paint, ribbon, glue brush, paint brush, glue and a drill.
The first step is to glue the base paper down on the front and back and trim out. Paint the sides with copper paint and allow to dry. Add the flower shapes, the woman and the saying at one time. I put the glass stones on with a wood glue that dries clear. For stability it is key to find stones that are flat on one side. This piece can be put on the wall or resting on a counter. Okay down to the fun part...the drilling! It is key to make the hole large enough to be able to get the ribbon through. Once you tie the ribbon on and cut the extra off sign the back and you are finished! For a small project like this I gather up all my materials into a project box so that I can get to it anytime and all the pieces are together and ready to go!

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