February 2, 2009

Just a little idea!

Hi! Here is a easy and fun idea to add a bit of "twinkablity" to an area. I had a painted silk scarf, a wood canvas stretcher, a set of white twinkle lights and a staple gun. I had painted this fish picture and it was always sitting in a drawer so I had an idea while sorting some of my art supplies. Why not take the scarf and stretch it like canvas over the wood substrate? With a good staple gun and some lights it completely transforms the laundry room. And at the same time adds a nice glow in there all year round! ~K


Kirk Mathew Gatzka said...

I really like your blog, especially the collage works you have done. I have a middle sister who is doing cards with stamping and other items, so I have and interest in work such as yours.

I also do collage/montage pieces only I do it all digitally with various computer programs.

If you are interested visit my blog at: http://gatzkart.blogspot.com

Kirk Mathew Gatzka

MaryMarsh said...

Wow, Kristine!! Your work of art is simply amazing! You certainly are blessed with talent and creativity!! It looks so beautiful both ways... both unlit and lit up. I love your painted fish! Very colorful. And why are you keeping this in the laundry room?? Move it somewhere where people can see it! It's gorgeous! Show it off!! :)