May 4, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Art: Travel Collage

Hi! The Martha Stewart website is a labyrinth of interesting things! While clicking through I came across the idea of making a travel collage from all the interesting little bits that you collect throughout your journey. In fact, I did this in 2001 after a trip to France, Germany and Austria. It was really fun to put together = paper bits + glue stick + poster board = one of a kind! Have a great week! ~Kristine


Kirk Mathew Gatzka said...

I enjoyed this post. I really like collage work. But, I do mine digitally. Picasa 3, a free graphics tracking and editing program for Google, does great collages automatically from your digital photographs or scanned in materials. It will do free form or more regulated collages. I have done some for my blog. You can click on the tag/label to see them.

I like your collage image very classy!


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous -- and so unique!