January 26, 2010

Butterflies in Sweden

After all the hundreds (maybe a thousand by now?) of butterflies that I have handmade over the last two years something wonderful has happened. Madeleine in Sweden posted a few pictures of what she did with her set! Amazing and so beautiful!! I am grateful that she indulged me and has allowed me to use her photos as examples of two gorgeous way to display them. Other people have used them on cards, mobiles, presents and even on the walls!

So thank you Madeleine for sharing and making my day!! She has the most delightful website that makes you feel like you are there with her in Sweden having a yummy homemade treat right out of the oven with her daughter "E".

Tack så mycket! :-) ~Kristine


Tedi said...

Gosh don't you just love Swedish interior design and with your butterflies... no less. Perfection! Tedi, www.PetiteBookstore.com/blog

TRush said...

What a special treat to get to see your work in "action". Yeah!