July 25, 2009

Goal of 200! Thank you!!

What a great surprise after returning from Costco to see that my little shop had made 200 sales! Astonishing.
This journey over the last year has been so interesting. There have been sales all over the US including Alaska. International sales have come in from Ireland, Australia, Italy, Turkey, Finland and England just to name a few. The new friendships over the last year have been amazing!
Etsy has changed my life and I am grateful! It is fun to post something new and see what it inspires in others. This blog and Etsy are far above and beyond what I thought was possible!!
Thank you again (and you know who you are!)
Have a great weekend! ~Kristine


karuski said...

Congratulations Kristine! 200 sales is one milestone and many more are yet to come. I'm happy I met you on Etsy, you paper creations are just beautiful!

-minna (your international friend and customer:))

pamelahuntington said...

Wow, congratulations on the 200 sales
and I Love these albums!

TRush said...

Wow that is really encouraging. I am feeling a little discouraged right now, so it is awesome to feel your excitement and get an attitude boost.