July 12, 2009

Life Dream - Check

Hi! Wonderful news this week!! The decorated stemware that I sent to Somerset Life Magazine was published. Since 1999 I have had a dream in my heart to send them some of my creations and see them show up on the glossy pages inside.

Last Summer I sent in 3 different things and one was selected. Wow!! It was hard to believe and I am still tickled about the whole thing. Stampington & Co. is where you can find all of the art challenges for the publication's that they print.
This decorated glass is in the Summer 2009 issue of Somerset Life magazine page 54-57!

There are a few of these decorated martini glasses at my Etsy shop to give you some more ideas. If you are looking for this publication to purchase try here: Petite Bookstore

Thanks again for all of your kind wishes!


Tedi said...

How fabulous! I'm so happy for you and me... thanks for the plug! Hugs, Tedi

Debbi A. said...

So cool, Kris!! I'm happy for you. Thanks for sharing this exciting news. Congrats!!
Debbi A.