October 9, 2009


Oh yes it is that time of year! We are barely out of the first week in October and the Holiday wrapping is coming out in full force. In August I did see big wire ribbon already out at Costco but that is another story all together!

Here is a fun way to see what colors you like and what that means: Colorscope
Have you ever wondered why you prefer certain colors? Click on your color favorites to reveal a little fun information about your personality. Mine is violet!

If my Mom is reading this then she will already know a little something about my LOVE of paper! So today are a few of my inspirational paper places that are worth checking out online or around the corner in your town. Have a great weekend!!


TRush said...

LOVE the Paper Source website. How do you use it? I am gonna go back and spend some serious time checking things out.


Anonymous said...


pssssssssst you're the featured seus team member today on the blog!
See? All you girlie!!!