October 30, 2009

Craft Show

Hi, It has been an interesting and very speedy week. So sorry that I haven't posted anything lately and I promise to get back on track!! A friend's Dad passed away and I have been helping her with her children while she is in town taking care of the details and to me that was important. On the flip side the shop is busy and I deeply appreciate all the business during this time.
A few months ago I committed to doing a craft show in the neighborhood and it was over this past weekend. Here are a few pictures and what is so classic is that I got more questions about where I bought the Eiffel Tower lamp than anything else! It is from Target (say it with a French accent) just FYI!! ~Kristine

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Anonymous said...

tarjhey kinda like jahsaypenyeah ;)

Glad to hear your shop is doing well. I'm amazed every day that I still have a job to go to so I can totally relate.