August 11, 2010

Digital Sketch Book

Earlier in the week the Nordstrom catalog arrived! Ahh remembering the days of going to the Half-Yearly sale with all the other early birds at 6 AM with a mocha in hand a my best friend on my arm. And we had a plan! Go up all the way to the top grab the things we were going to try on and head over to the "lady's intimates area". Where they had massive changing rooms and no one was there at that time of morning. The girls were always very happy to have some people in there and checking out was a lines! But that was many moons ago and now I live where the thought of wearing a sweater in September is just too much for temps in the 90's. But a girl can dream of the good times! So here are some pages from the newest catalog in your mail box or online. Thanks for your kind messages! Kristine

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