August 5, 2010

The storque has landed!

Hi there! I have to say first and foremost that the Summer is just flying by! School starts next week here in Charleston and it has been a whirl wind of family and friends since June!! Love it and would not change anything :-) On the other hand things that are a part of my day to day (like blogging) that time has gone it spending time on the beach at the pool and baking. In this heat index of 121 degrees I know!!
So today there was huge news that just couldn't wait until after 8. Etsy's Storque featured one of my butterfly sprigs today and my shop just went CRAZY!! Wow. After two years with my creations I had an item that caught the eye of someone inside Etsy!! It is so wild and fun right now that I will post a screen print of that listing...1005 views. Unbelievable!!!

In the studio I have been working on new ideas but I tell you the butterflies are so relaxing to design and create that I find I am in a zone and just love it.

Hope that you are all doing well and taking care this Summer!



Congratulations! Your creations are beautiful. I'm heading to your store to shop right now.
More blessings to you!

TRush said...

Aw, Kristine, that's awesome! Congrats. Really, I am so jealous of your eye for those paper colors. So beautiful.