November 23, 2009

Black Friday Starts Today?!

Well Happy Monday! Just got this little note that Amazon is starting it's Black Friday sales today. The cute little HP notebook is already gone and the email went out at 4am~ wild and crazy stuff!!

For all the crafters out there just do a Google search for Black Friday and all your shops will pop up. I was at the craft store this last week and it was busy but not the crowds you find on Friday. Still the same good deals but earlier!

Remember what was in the news last year at the Walmart in NY Black Friday? Not pretty. So maybe retailers are expanding the deals this year to keep the crowds under control. Honestly, I like to get a deal all year round and will wait if I have to. Crowds, the parking and the whole thing is not me.

Online all the way! I love to see the UPS truck stop in front of the house with a cup of coffee in my hand and Christmas music playing in the background! ~Kristine

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Kitty said...

me too! i just collected a pretty sweet package from the postman myself!