November 2, 2009

Etsy Black Friday Sale...Get Ready!!

In my last post I mentioned that there will be a Black Friday sale on Etsy and something called Cyber Monday. This is the link Black Friday information. Be sure to put Black Friday in as a tag on your items for that week! That was my biggest day yet on Etsy last year. Totally unexpected but this time I will be ready!

Rolling out some fun ideas and projects on this four day time period is what I plan to do. While I was up around 4am to get that new hard drive for my husband and off to Michael's for some insanely wonderful good deals people were doing the same at my Etsy shop!! Shoppers will be looking for free shipping, two for one deals and hot new items for presents this year.

Pictures here from A Gift Wrapped Life. Gorgeousness and inspiration at every turn!!

A google search for Black Friday or Cyber Monday will blow your socks off! ~Kristine

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Anonymous said...

rawking-will you post this over in the holiday thread on the seus blog?