December 1, 2009

Grab Bag

When I was a small girl I thought it was the coolest to get a grab bag from my favorite shop. Usually it was a paper lunch sack with lot's of little goodies inside. Oh the thrill of not know what you are getting but knowing it was from your favorite store.

Earlier, I had a request for some custom items out of my shop. This is the collection that I put together for a client in Canada. It is my twist on the grab bag idea but the plus side is that you know what you are getting! ~Kristine


Kitty said...

a brilliant idea! i always loved to get a sanrio grab bag at my town's stationery store!

Lizzie said...

What a fantastic idea. How creative! And, I have not heard the term "grab gab" since I was a little girl and visiting our local Woolworths. Not even sure if any of those are still open. :)

Jenny said...

oh, oh, that's was for me! i'm so excited for it to come and my niece will ADORE it. thank you Kristine!